Sunday, May 13, 2012

eyelash obsession

Yes, my friends...I wear them. The gorgeous little accessory that highlights the windows to your soul. I know that sounds a little too spiritual, but HOT DAMN, these things make people look you in the eye. Just this month, the New York Times and WWD reported that while most beauty sales had been flat in 2010, false-eyelash sales were up about 6.2 percent, to $44 million annually.

And of course, I am one those consumers...

If you're willing to make a small investment, go visit a little gem of a Mommy named Kiyomi. She does lashes for a few household names and lucky little me along with a much larger group of LA locals. One trip to You Doll You! and Kiyomi will put you to sleep with sweet songs and an hour later it's not just refreshed that comes to mind, it's Bambi. Thank you Kiyomi for your skillzzz.

Another lovely lady, or shall I say the Queen of Cosmetics in Aspen -- Lily Garfield -- just curated a line of beauty bests for Target. You can buy a beautiful set of three, Yes THREE!, sets of falsies for only $9. Bravo Mrs. Garfield, now we can all afford a "tiny jolt of youthful eroticism."

Happy Mother's Day to you and yours. xo

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